Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #81


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Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #81


Science Ficition Fanzine


A fanzine centered around the Sime Gen Universe.


Ann Pinzow, Jean Airey, Judy Segal, Kerry Schaefer


Georgia Tech Archives: Science Fiction Fanzines Collection:




Mani Japra, Collin Richards, Emmanuel Fregene, Ella Sivertsen




Science Fiction





Full Moon Rising -- an allnIean Lorrah issue in the MM (Niaht of the min Moons) universe is out now.
The price is $3.75 first class and because of the Christmas mail, no issues will be mailed between
December 20th and 27th. Book rate is available for $3.00 but no resoonsibility is taken for losses.
Make cheques payable to Yeoman Press and send to 5442 Valles Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10472. Offset.

Kraith Collected Five -- out in December (Carol, you better!) containing alternate universe Kraith stor-
ies. Prices are $3.50 fourth class or $4.50 first class. First new Kraith volume in two years! Also,
. the second volume of the Kraith Creators' Manual is due out soon. Send a SASE for further information.
Write to Carol lynn, 11524 Nashville, Detroit, Michigan 48205. Offset, reduced.

IDIC -- Issue four is now out. This issue includes another Sahaj story as well as art by Signe Landon
and Gee Moaven. The first three issues are all gone and will not be reprinted. This issue is price-
d at $4.12 first class or $3.25 book rate or $3.00 in person. All orders and emuiries to Iesly
Lilker, 37 Clark Avenue, Lynbrock, New York 11563. Offset, colour cover.

Interphase -- Issue three has been out awhile and mav already be out of print. Send a SASE: to Connie
Faddis, 5731 Kentucky Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232. It might also be a good idea to send
a SASE for issue four no».

Pbre Trek Tales -- due out early in '77 and contains stories by M.I.. "Steve" Barnes. The price is $3.00
plus 50¢ postage; $1.00 postage outside U.S. , cheques payable to Pandora Press. Write to Pandora Pre-
ss, P.0. Box 404, Cannerce City, Colorado 80022.

The Other Side of Paradise -- Issue two will be out in January '77. Contributors include Connie Faddis,
Eileen Roy, Marion Zixrmer Bradley (3) , Trinette Kern, and Mandy Schults & Cheryl Rice. Tb reserve a
copy send $4.57 for first class or $3.05 for fourth class to Signe Landon, 1689 DeMarietta Avenue, #1,
San Jose, California 95126. Sending your money now will help facilitate the publishing of the zine.
(P.S. It's $2.75 in person.)

R&R - issue two of this grup zine will be ready in earlv January '77 and contents include stories by
Jean Lorrah, Helen McCarthy and Johanna Cantor. The price is $3.00 first class, $2.25 book rate (not
responsible for losses at book rate), cheques payable to Yeoman Press. All orders and enquiries to
Yecman Press, 5442 Valles Avenue, Bronx, New York 10471. Offset.

Sol Plus -- Issue number three has been out awhile and is still available. It includes stories by Jean
lorrah, REbecca Hoffman and Jacqueline Bielcwicz, and songs by Leslie Fish, with the music. Price is
$5.00 in person, $5.50 book rate or $7.50 first class. It is totally offset on high quality paper.
Make cheques payable to Jacqueline Bielowicz. Jacqueline is also planning a special edition of Sol
Plus which will contain the first half of Jean Iorrah's Epilogue series. Send a SAGE for further in—
formation. All orders and enquiries to Jacqueline Bielow1cz, 4677 North Boulder, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126.

47 Warmd Space -- Beginning with issue 22. WS will be a publication of T'Kuhtian Press and available from
Lori Giapek-Chrleton at 557 Cornell, East Lansing, Michigan 48823. Lori is also planning Obsc'zine,
a grup zine, on a regular basis. YOu must state that vou are over 18 when ordering Obsc'zine. Orders
are being taken at the above address; send a SASE for price. Back issues of WS (mmbers l/2~21) are
being handled by the Michigan State University Star Trek Club (MSUSTC) 1.3.0. Box 16, East Lansing, Mi-
chigan 48823. Send a SASE for prices and information to than, not to Iori.

And now for sarething completely different. . .
House of Zeor is not out in paper but it is still available in hardcover. If your local bookstore doesn't

have. it, write to Doubleday and 03., Inc., Mail Order Division, Customer Service Centre, Garden City,
New York 11535. The price is $5.95plus sales tax where applicable.


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