Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #82


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Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #82


Science Ficition Fanzine


A fanzine centered around the Sime Gen Universe.


Ann Pinzow, Jean Airey, Judy Segal, Kerry Schaefer


Georgia Tech Archives: Science Fiction Fanzines Collection:




Mani Japra, Collin Richards, Emmanuel Fregene, Ella Sivertsen


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Science Fiction





Carol Hydeman (317 Yakeley Hall, East Iansim. MI 48824)

working on the theory of lessened resistance to disease, I've worked out my own theory for why Gens need
Sines. Let’s theorize that the selyn in a Gen's body is stored in small, sirmle molecules. while Sines
store their's in much larger, more complex molecules. (A parallel could be the structure difference be-
tween mono- and poly— saccharides, such as glut-Tee and glycogen.) Scne bacteria have mutated so that .
they can use it only in its simple form: they on not manufacture the enzymes necessary to break up the
couplex selyn form. Thus, they infect only GUI..:' and leave Sines unaffected. Gens have built up something
of a seni-immmity, and that, combined with donating, is enough to keep Gens healthy. Gens who don't do-
nate, however, often cane down with quite a variety of diseases.

This train of thought could also explain Andle's need for drug—hyped kills after his exposure to a Can—
panion. Assuming that selyn can be transferred only in the shmlemlxule form, then a channel's secon-
dary storage system would store it in this form. Active channels wouldn't have to worry about infections
because of the constant flushing through transfers: the bacteria wouldn't be around long enough to infect
them. Junct channels wouldn't have this safety. valve. They would be used to taking only enough selyn
for one month from a" kill. If exposed to a Gmpanion with his greater selyn production, the junct chann-
el's primary system would fill, and, becuse of the Sime's cormulsion to draw to the fullext, scme selyn
would also enter his secondary system. (He wouldn’t know how to prevent this, becuse he wouldn't even
be aware of the fact that he had this system.) This selyn would sit there: unused, unflushed, wide Open
to bacterial attack. This .mfecticn would clog the nerves leading to the secondary system, and would
also partially block the nerves to the primary system because of their proximity and a small residue of
simple selyn left in the transport nerves. Getting past this blockage would require a stronger draw than
possible frcm the stimilation of a normal kill; only a drug—hyped kill would make it possible. (Come to
think of it, this might also explain enu‘an ccmplications. No matter how thoroughly drained the second-
ary nerves are, there will always be a residue of selyn left. The slight infection this would cause would
partially block the secondary system, causing cramps and convulsions along nerves normally wide open.
his blockage probably would not become serious for many years, due to the slowness of the deposit build-

up.) .
Richard K. Fifield (505 119, CO. 0., MAPSPTBN, TORII STATION, APO San Hancisco 96331)

An interesting idea would be to introduce an "Ancient" into the story line as an independent contrast to
the symbiotic Simes and Gens. Oh, well, it's a thought, anyway. What happened to the Ancients anyway?
It seems unlikely that the entire species would disappear in a matter of a few centuries. Approximately
how far in the future is this novel set? How long did the process of the entire human race's evolving
into either Sines or Gens take? This novel shows only a limited area of the world (presumabley the North
American continent, judging from the names and cultural hints). What was going on in the rest of the
world? Has the "root stock" species disappeared everywhere? If this were an’ artificial mutation, only
the industrial areas of the world would have been affected. The third world and undeveloped areas would
have gone on as if nothing had happened (except for the absence of Western foreign aid). Another inter—
esting idea would be to show the period of history when the sure-Gen Union developed advanced transport-
tation methods and rediscovered these long-forgotten lands. What would they find? Normal humans? A
third (or even more) mutated sub-species? There's a whole world (literally) of story ideas here. Another
question rises here -- were humans the only species affected by the mutation? Ican just envision Sine
rabbits attacking Gen wolves for their selyn.


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