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A fanzine of fanfictions about the relationship between Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek universe.


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Ambrose Cheung
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Transition s : from the s ky, to walk on ground;
From wider visions, to a narrowed view,
The measure of my limits, circumscribed
By all that I had lost: the stars, and you.
Without you, nothing else remained the same.
It did not seem to make a difference then
To lose the stars as well, turn from their light,
When I lost hope of seeing you again.
I came to understand what I had done.
I drew too near, until you pulled away
Because I needed more than you could give.
I thought I only needed you to stay.
I always want too much. I learned the cost
When I began to know what I had lost.
You were my meaning. Nothing else remained
To guide me through the dark when you were gone.
You were my stars. The wave that swept me out
Across the universe had found its shore
And cast me down upon the barren land,
Left me to wander on the beach of night
Without a hope of finding you again
Or gaining back what we had shared before.
If you returned at all you would not be
Someone whom I could recognise, transformed
Into a stranger who still wore your face,
A stranger who had quite forgotten me.
I cursed the discipline of Kolinahr,
And cursed myself for driving you so far.
The last stars fade, and morning brings the wind
In echoes through the rocks that guard this place.
The night is ending. Now I look ahead,
And wait to see the sunlight find your face.
Beyond and set apart, robed figures rise
And move between me and the friend whose soul
I sought to waken and give back to life:
It is the light, not fear, that clouds my eyes.
They turned me from the gate when once before
I came unsurnrnoned to these hills of Gol,
Nor did you ever learn I followed here.
There was no answer to my silent call.
What answer now will this new morning bring?
May it, at least, bring your awakening.

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