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A fanzine of fanfictions about the relationship between Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek universe.


Flora Poste




Ambrose Cheung
Jacob Hallock
Quincy Robbins


Copyright 1985 by Merle T. Decker. Only original material is covered by this copyright, and no attempt is made to infringe upon copyrights held by Paramount Pictures, Inc., Gene Roddenberry, or any other holders of copyright on STAR TREK material.





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This story takes place after the events in Companion 3, a novel by
Pamela Rose. Fon those readers unfamiliar with the Companion stories, the
first two volumes, edited by Ellen Kobnin and Canal Huntenton, present the
prognession on the K/S relationship over a course of some twenty years,
ending with the destruction of the Enterprise and the violent death of
Kirk, Spock, and the crew. [The events of the movies do not occur in the
Companion universe. In Companion 3 it turns out that Kirk and Spock are
still alive--and restored to health and youth. They had been rescued at
the last moment by two Preservers, Solomon and Eve, members of a race of
energy beings who salvage destructive worlds as an "art form." Solomon
and Eve (who were Gary Seven's employees) want Kirk and Spock to train as
operatives. Kirk and Spock--isolated from each other, their bond broken,
and each believing that his bondmate is dead--are offered the choice of
true death or life and work for the Preservers. Each, finally, chooses to
live. They are reunited, but events have left both on them feeling unworthy
of neestablishing their bond. Kirk is overwhelmed with guilt and
self-hatred for the loss of the Enterprise, and Spock feels guilty for
wanting to live when he believed Kirk was dead. Both men feel insecure
outside their accustomed roles and identities, and they realize that
their new work will necessarily involve breaking the Prime Directive on
every mission. Companion 3, which covers Kirk's and Spock's training and
first mission, is the story of their journey from death to life, from
dependency to maturity, from self-hatred to self-esteem... and thence back
to each other.
When this story begins, they have settled into their new home on the
Preservers' base planet and have completed several misions in their two-man
transwarp ship, the Julep, named in memory of McCoy.
"An Academy student!" Kirk sat bolt upright from where he had been
lying on the couch with his head in Spock's lap. "That's ridiculous! I
Solomon's amused reply rippled through Kirk's mind. Of course you
can, James. You're the perfect choice for this assignment.
Go back to the Academy? Return to Federation space where both he
Spock were officially listed as dead? He turned a perplexed glance
to Spock. "Do you think he's serious?"

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