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A fanzine of fanfictions about the relationship between Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek universe.


Lanora Moore




Ambrose Cheung
Jacob Hallock
Quincy Robbins


Copyright 1985 by Merle T. Decker. Only original material is covered by this copyright, and no attempt is made to infringe upon copyrights held by Paramount Pictures, Inc., Gene Roddenberry, or any other holders of copyright on STAR TREK material.





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Loukas and Essa were still talking, so Kirk excused himself from
table with a smile and left the room. Perhaps he and Spock could
have a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation before it was time to
meet Loukas in the garden.
Spock was not monitoring the dinner conversation at Loukas's house.
Eating his own solitary meal in front of a blank monitor screen, he was
listening to an audio-only pickup from Roldin's banquet room.
An unusual event was taking place. Roldin, who customarily held
himself aloof from his fellow Academy students, had invited several of
them to dinner with the apparent intent of finding out where they stood
on the subject of one James Kirk.
If Spock had had a video pickup, he would have seen a low table
loaded with exquisite food and wine, charmingly served by nude boy slaves
whose genitals were painted gold to match the tableware. However, Spock
was interested only in the conversation.
"Kirk is right--slavery cannot be ethically justified."
"Perhaps not. But without it, we'd spend our time in physical labor.
Who would do philosophy then?"
Sounds of laughter.
"If it's wrong, it's wrong. We have to find another way."
"There is no other way. Kirk's ideas will destroy civilization if
they're allowed to spread." This was Roldin's voice. "Not only does he
want to liberate the slaves, I'm sure he wants to give women citizenship
too. He's a woman lover, obviously--witness his disgusting attentions to
Loukas's oldest daughter."
"Roldin, you're just pissed off because Kirk wouldn't have you.
Admit it. You can't dismiss someone's ideas merely because he doesn't
want to bed you."
"Besides, it's pretty clear that it's not Loukas's dau.ghte.Jt that
Kirk wants."
A chorus of agreeing murmurs.
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on, Roldin. Loukas and Kirk are in love. It's been apparent
for weeks now. II
"Yes, Loukas fell for Kirk right away. Why else would he have invited
Kirk to stay in his home?"
"Nonsense! You know as well as I that Loukas swore to remain faith-
______ ful to the memory of Jonasim. It's been fifteen years since he was ..... _ _.
r;::::~ ..... killed, and all Loukas has done in that time is produce a flock of

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