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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #10


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This is the tenth page featured in our collection of the fifth issue of Myriad. This section is written by Cliff Biggers. Aptly named "Not Much' A Nothin", it is a recurring piece in Myriad in which Biggers switches between addressing specific people, speaking about things that interest him, and writing just to fill space.


Cliff Biggers


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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4 Not Much'a Nothin #3

I figure he would still have enough time to do Challs once ev-
ery tAlo months. If he feels it would strain _his capbilities
(I like that word), he could quite Tomahawk and let Iry Norick
handle Detective. He is one of the DC greats, although few
people care that mueh..about his art. I would just as much
care to see him go back to Challs as I would like to see Kane
go back to Green Lantern, or som&thing like that. Oh, yeah,
Mr. Brown also does Superboy, with Wood inks.
Speaking of bane, I have seen both parts to his Batgirl story
in Detective, and I found that to be probably the best art he
has done sinct4 if,aming back to DC. I do not like him on Cap-
tain. Action, at least note when he is taking the place of an
-• artist like Wally Wood. Also, I would rather that Ditko stick
with Hawk and rove, instead of putting Kane on there. For
some dumb reason, I find their art style basically alike, yet
it is different when you examine it. By the way, that is dumb
statement number 2,348,436...
By the way, Superman #215 seemed to have the same idea as Det-
ective 347. You know, where the character gets killed, but
the hero picks up the same character from a parallel world.
The Detective was a "what-if" story, while the Superman was a
"let's imagine" story, but they are both the same basic idea,
in which you give the hero an adventure that doesn't count,
because it never really took place to the character, and I
just confused myself...
Hey, in case some of these titles are misquoted, it's because
I've just transferred my DCs from boxes to a bookcase, and I'm
having trouble finding everpthing. I made a list, but lost it.
I still haven'-t been able to put Secret Six #7 up; I can't
find the collection'. GRAM!
.C'm typing this thing in front of my television, watching 60
minutes, and freezing to death; the heat doesn't work in my
room very well. So, when I finish this thing, I'm gonna go to
Jleep for the night and let the world go to Olazes...
I had something to say, and now I've forgotten-- oh, yeah: I
was able to get about three pages on Barbarella at school out
of the French magazine, Tour de France; however, I'm taking
French II, and I clan to go no farther, so I'm unable to tran-
slate the doggone thing... Shee:
Well, for all of those who care, I'm turning numb now, and I'm
too tired to go reset the thermostat...
I was going to discuss sjo ect re #9, but I've just now remembered
it, and I don't have enough room. So, suffice it to say that
I hated it, and that is one thing I don't do very often. (Hate
a comic, I mean.) However, I thought the issue before that
was the best Spectre adventure I had ever read; he was given a
weakness in a believable manner.

Oddity (Sorry, Mr. Miller): It has just been proven that a
person can sit before a typewriter at 10:30 pm while the temp-
erature is 200 F, and still be able to finish up a Myriad c on-
tribut ion. Well, thanks for your attent ion, and you who have
articles in here can expect the same favor from me...

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