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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #11


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This is the eleventh page in our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. This section, "Fandom is a Way of Life", is running in Myriad for the first time. In it, Dean Sweatman takes the time to introduce his personal issues with some fanzines tactics, and then personally address individual members of the press alliance.


Dean Sweatman


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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Produced by RamPant Rabscallion Press 762 Gro-:c Avenue, Harahan La.
7023 Editor Writer and Slave Dean Sweatman (Same Address) •
Artist in Cold Storace Gary Lancaster ((HHC lot EL. CH) 60th Inf.
APO SE 38749)) Typ:st. and S1a7c DriTer Linda Jean.
PIAWOL ic printed for Bylmid's 57h :mailing. An PPA in the Reim
of Fandem. Date Fcbruar3i-31 any year,

Object to ....
I object tb members that contribute material that has appeared in
other PPAs.
Members who even theiigh the material has appeared in
another fl.P..A he still uses the Mailing Comments of the
other APA.
11 0.E. That only do the offical business section in the
7,--Lot three Mailings.
Covers that would look better blank than with the "art"
that has appeared on them.
people who double space b,.tween-each line beca se. they
den7/t have four page:; of comments and material.
U persons' who use libelous material and language in his
clubs that tify to hold a wcrld eon in New Orleans then
lose to Dallas because of lack of acitivity.
hope that ycu fellow members wont mind my using the above space
to blast away at a few gripes that hctvo been bothering me the last
few days 1,d like comments on yaar opponion about any of them you
wish t comment on.
Why did yauuse the Kirby again? I've seen that same pic so many
times in the past few months that Trm sick of it. The reproduction
wasn't even on par uith the frist time you ran it. Thanks for the
Qs, Izet like to see another contrib by you in t_is issue or the
next z I,ve been wondering what you have to say about the prisoner.
I've resontly been told that Kent Allard is the real identy of the
Shadow (Original source is given as October 1st 1942 issue of
the Shadow magazine) can ye-a tell no if the Shadow is Allard or
not?. l realy enjoyed your Shadow article and the Helvin of the
Apes was a gas Keep up the good work.
Bart Bush
I disagree that Halmos is the greatest fictional detective. I myse4'
am an avid fan of HdnOS but T feel that Nayland Smith and M. Gaston
Max are much better than Hanes. You can find Smith in any of the
Fu Manchu books by Sax Rohmer and Max can be found in THE YELLOW
CLAW and THE DAY THE WORLD ENIFD. Discussion? Bring Back the
BLACKHAWKS and Boyetto is the better artist in the last few years
to do Blackhawk.
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