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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #12


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This is the twelfth page in our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. This section, "Fandom is a Way of Life", is running in Myriad for the first time. In it, Dean Sweatman takes the time to introduce his personal issues with some fanzines tactics, and then personally address individual members of the press alliance.


Dean Sweatman


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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Stranger in an evon Stranger Strange Land ( Or FIAWOL) pago 2

That is odd I wonder why I put the new title up there to confuse
the other members perhaps? Oh well Mailing comments time again
GARY Lancaster Sent more Art and money ::1

Bart Brush (?) Oh well this just 5.sntt my night

Tom and John L.
I'm stilling enjoying your artf.czcs glad that you two are members.
Say Gary is still looking for comic and SF fans in the Anchorage
area can you help him? He want to hold a con up there if he can
drum up enough people to pack in the hotel room (8 or lU) he
really needs the help. Also can you tell me if there was a Fu Eanchu
comic book series of stories in a large book or what ever. I have
the Super comic reprint but that is all I know about the charector.
Will you help?

Garington J Pervit
Your zine is well lain out and as far as layout and printing is
concerned you take the ego pc11 But your content louses it up. I'm
waiting to hear your defense to gripe I's 6 & 7 . I sugest that the
Adam Strange satire not be printed for 1'I712.12 you know why,
Son-of-a-btch is in conflict with a ruling set forth in the frist
mailing of Myraid but it is not listed under current rules so I
only protest the use\of such in print. Really only a noreentity
would sink to name calling. Support
* frist-coined by Donald Walsh Jr. New Orleans
t.,apose that the "Imr,ossible to in in 71 for
elude by-law be revived as by law #9. the 1973
Will the member who is interested in fiction
old radio shows contact me I have a Won- con
number for sale and trade. Also if
Your o Neffer you can join the N3F
tape bureau by writing 3oan Burger
55 Blue Bonnet Ct. Lake Jackson
Texas 77566.

Harry pervis is interest° doinqa tape
APA you might talk to him about that
if your really a tape nut,

Bart Bush Itla sorry but I seem to have
misspelled Holmes on page one it the
tist caught it I didn't but if she
didn't I nispellod it. Oh well I'll
get out of the way for a more inter-
esting contrib see ya next isLue with
another 2 pages.

Art by Gary Lancaster Mastered by
Sweatuan so blame it on him.

Till next issue Fandom Is NOT a
Darned Hobby and you know it

New Orleans in 73 Now Orleans in 73
new orleans in 73 now orleans in 73
vote in 71 for NEW ORLEANS in 1973


nolazino, Nola-Con, CCH

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