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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #13


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This is the thirteenth page of our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. It is a recurring piece written by LeRoy Fabian. Fabian begins by addressing a few individuals and giving his personal rankings of the last issue's contributions. He then proceeds to tell two science fiction stories which will continue in future issues.


LeRoy Fabian


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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written and published by
LeRoy Fabian

Well„back again with rorc useless ra-blings.Las-it
issue I alnost puke," when I found, out thrt I had
double spaced my contributions,Oh laell,can't win 'sr)
all the tine.And no.w,on 1/ the. m.a1J ing comments.

Gary Steole-Oh brot.horigow rich:Tell Ckiff that he
better help you, because I'd like to see Dk...lvin return
in future issues of Myriad.(Wait a minuto;is that
4uelvin,or maybe Belvin?)By the way,I guess we
have a lot i n common:I hay-is so nany posters hanging
In my roon•that I have to take off my shoes to
count then. I think the majority of my fanzine and
paperback collection is scattered around my room.
Tom McGeehan-If I had to patronize 0.11 the sponsors
of all the Star Trek adventures-love watcheA,,I Olubt
if It (1 have tiny moner left ever.As a social breather
for Janos-C.Carter,T don't think the story should be
Arvell M.Jones-I'd be hrp:ny t- a continued story
for Fantastic Adventures ee,,or perhaps
a series ef short storiesIf !re lin the Beginning,
you could use thrtt,(I think you'll' find part two
more interesting.)
John McGeehan-1'012r fanzine reviews were very infor-
mative as were the clipping reprints.
I wish that everyone of you would tell me whether
or not I shorild continue with y continued -st'ori or
Just drop it.
Sp eakInr; of the stnry,here is a little review for
those who aren't members and are not familiar with
last issue;.
After patrolman Jim Barnes was captured by alien
beings,he was brpught aboard a space ship.After
getting acquainted with the ship's captain,he found
a room WhIch appeared to be a library of song sort.
A siren sounded and 31r suddenly found himself alenis
As he strto d there serr.tchlnr:. his head(Oops,that's
in this :issue)
`ter, re Y,tu` go on to the story,here are my ratings
for Lssuo
s House of )nfo
r.-What Now ',:•3 by Gary Steele.
3"T,o. r::, s House of info le

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