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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #14


Science Fiction


This is the fourteenth page of our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. It is a recurring piece written by LeRoy Fabian. Fabian begins by addressing a few individuals and giving his personal rankings of the last issue's contributions. He then proceeds to tell two science fiction stories which will continue in future issues.


LeRoy Fabian


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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As Jim st.ond there scratching his head,the answer

to his problem came rushing through the door. He did

. not mind the two guards escorting him to his room,

but the knock on his head was totally unnecessary.

When he awoke the next morning,surprisingly enough

it wt.s to the smell of bacon and eggs.;sometAing he

had thought he would never experience again,After

finishing 11,1 s meal,h-e sat back to think things over.

Just as•he thought he had had' all the surprises of

his life„a fellow human being(to coin a phrase)came.

In to get his tray or dishes,He immediately tried to

make contact with her.b.ut she ign-ored him.When he

l eft he started tot• foll•w her,but w*s warned by the

hidden mike that the electrical t4tcv field was on.

A few seconds later he wa4 %/oil it was off and ho ran

into the corridorteni y: to the girl was gone.

He spent the morning trying. to, find heribut was trot

able te, do so.

Sntdeilly` a voice' rang through the air. and announced

that everyone should repOrt to the cafeteria.

Since 31m was still unfamiliar with the ship, he • y• .•I
follower! everyone. else,

(Oust that morning Jim had been told that ten,along

,with the other captives,wae furnished with a set of

headgear which translated incoming ♦olcos,This dovIge

enabled everyone on the ship to communicate Kith

each other.However,as' of yet aim had not comrees.
With any of his fellow captives. •


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