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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #16


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This is the sixteenth page of our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. It is a recurring piece written by LeRoy Fabian. Fabian begins by addressing a few individuals and giving his personal rankings of the last issue's contributions. He then proceeds to tell two science fiction stories which will continue in future issues.


LeRoy Fabian


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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Vacl Qi"I) rS7.)
41_41 2..1 i. 1.1'1

.-Cat c-77f.

.zes.i, 1.01111.,

by LeRoy Fabian

•i-ntrodil ttnn

The possibility of flyinr7 saucers existin« in the
United Stites and other countries of the world is one
of the most perplexinc problems ever to cha11enr7e mn.n•
Since the year 1947,there have been over ten thournd
stIhtincs of flyin saucers reported to authorities,.
Every reported sir7htinr*, has been Investir!ated.and
rinSt- have been found to be Satellites,wer.ther balloons,
conventional nArcraftaetc„However,tere ^.re r 1 11 y
thnse.whi ch are written off as "nthelr Causes”• or

Who makes tbese-investt,':ations.and draws these
conclusions,Tho USAF' s project Plue7..,00k does and has
Since the first sighting in 1947.-T'.e. major
purposes of Project Bluebook nrr;:,)treiT to,find
✓easonable explanation for all ro;*cr.t, ef.! 31:7:htinir7s
ef UFEls,2)to discover If'UFOs 1,•ose arty thref_lt -to security
and 3)to determine if UFOs show any advanced -
technoloT!y that the United States does no t have.
Althour!'h-projeCt•Bluebook tiffs listed OS S than two
percent of the inv•stir.a.ted 'Sim;httn!!s "unidentified",
the possibility still remains that flyin7 saucers do
exist,and therefore it„ is a possibilitiy that they
are operated by people unknow'n to the human race.
For the time bet'nr! we will assume that ,there are
flyinr., saucers prosent on earth tods.y„If this is the
case,shouldn''t there also be someone civntroljtilr these
shirs?Tt Is very unlikely that the ships control
Ono of the more common theories states that fly/lilt
saucers come from somewhere on or in the Earth
rather than outer spaeo,an'd that the people running,
them were once part of the human race.
Before the city of Atlantis submerf,,ed for the final
time,the occupants sou^,ht refut7e instdc,, the Earth,
They entered the Earth through an oponine: by mean s
or dvimancts4(flyInc saucers),Ever sincc,they have
used•theso flying saucers to transport themselves
inside the Earth to different points of their W rl

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