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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #17


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This is the seventeenth page of our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. It is a recurring piece written by LeRoy Fabian. Fabian begins by addressing a few individuals and giving his personal rankings of the last issue's contributions. He then proceeds to tell two science fiction stories which will continue in future issues.


LeRoy Fabian


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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This theory is furthur strenethened by the thought
'that the leaders of the cleilization within the Earth
have instruct ed t he! r saucer pi lots t hat they shoul d
dross and act llke betties from other planets inthe
OY ont they ere confronted by hurians.This seeminely
accounts for the many siehttnes of aloin beines
Piloting the flying saucers.
Another point of interest in this theory is thetthe
civilization inside the Earth must be far supesrior
in scientifi.c advanc•rnents to the people on the surface
of the Earth.
The first reported siehtine of a flyine sr.ucer occupant
?ccured I r Death Valley,Celifernia,in- the year 1949.
es the story 7oes,two prospectors saw a flying saucer
crash land and•two snail people jumped out.The
prospectors ►aVe chese,but lost them in the sand dunes,
When the prnspecters•returneel to the sight of the
crash,the craft had vanished.Althoueh furthifr
investi••tion was stepeed,the incident has not been
deglared a hoar,
In September of 1952,ene of the most terrifying
siehtings was reported.It was turnine dark when a
group of children saw what looked like a meteor land
on a nearber hill„The boys stopped at the home of a
nelehbor with two sons and a 17 year old Nation/31
Ouardsman.They continued to the hill and immediately
law a laree,hlesine 71obe.Then the r*rour saw a pair of
eyes in a tree.treon shining a flashlieht en the tree,
they saw a figure ten to fifteen Feet tell,with a
blood red face and ereenishenree-• eefr The group
quickly fled down—the hill ane .er 111 the
✓est of the nieht,Furthisr Investi7rItion the folbwine
nornine turned up a Jere° eirculer aron.-of pressed
grass, and a peculiar smell was present.

The lien in Black
Ever since organized UFO research was established,
the'members of these research teams have been subject
to visits from strangers in bleck.Often these visits
have been disasterous to the victims and to the final
uncovering of the flying saucer mystery.The purpose
of these mon seems to be to protect the origin of
f 1 yi n saucers no matter hew much pain must be inflicted
upon the victim„After visits from these men,the
✓ictim often refuses to forward information he had
However, i n some cases the mon in black have been
known to be fri ondly.They have often con♦ersed with
their victims and instructed them on the origin of
flying saucers, In one ce-se,an UFO investigator was
told that when the population found out the truth
about flying saucers,science would suffer greatly and
political structures topple.
Aealn,experts•-can only guess at the party which these
men represent.

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