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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #23


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This is the twenty third page in our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. It features "Haircut #2" by Stven Carlberg. He begins by explaining that the previously published "Pendertwist" is actually "Haircuit #1". It goes on to continue the story set up in "Pendertwist", and finishes with specifically addressing other members of the press alliance.


Steven Carlberg



March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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Haircut #2 page 3 Stven Carlberg


is almost impossibly forebidd5ng." I hear tell that Captain
'Action is getting a remotely controlled axe from Idea: Toys.
rfe CA doll, it seems, is being taken off the market. Six
months ago, I wouldn't have cared, but Julius Schwartz only re-
cently gave Gil Kane creative leeway on the strip, and it was
beginning to look interesting.

Harrington G. Purvis, Jr. - The Grimy Gulch Gazette #1 I was
aware that Charly was a science fiction movie. I'll have to go
see it, now... : A couple of beautiful movies were Yellow
Submarine and Romeo and Juliet-- the former from a graphic art
or rock fan's point of view, the latter from the point of view
of those who still consider romance an important, serious part
of life. : Foofoo seems a strange name for a ghod. Shouldn't
it be Fhufhu, or something like that? Or are you at to
get the "h" out of ghodolcgy? TANSTAAFL is something of a
m.Istery to me. I get the vague feeling that I should remember
it, but I don't. Lessee... There Are No Secrets Told About A
Fan's Life? No, that doesn't have anything to do with Heinle .n
or fit in especially well where you've got it, either.
grief , the things I'm expected to know... : I doubt that I
will pay $2.85 plus tax just to get a few corrections of Dan-
gerous Visions, although I imagine that the packaging and other
:actors will make the paperback set extremely tempting. Harlan
has best wishes from me on DV-2; what he should do is put out
something like a volume a year creating a permanent market foi°
unconventional stories. It would certainly be ironic if sci-
ence fiction itself wilted up because of a fear of crossing a
new horizon in subject matter now and then. ° "Last lilie?" he
wondered, getting up again. Oh yes, I see. "The Day After the
Vartians Came" is one of my favorites from DV, too. :
one of the worst excuses for a type I ever heard. "Spenisj" my
foot. : The reason I hesitate over pluralizing 'Quactre a8
'%O anti" is that the; well, for instance two copies of Atom0.2e
Atoms, not Atoms, right? So how do you ununderline the Tiural-
iZETEion fdrm ofQuantum? Pluralization? Good grief, : 'Lois
Lane and Superman would do best to stick with each other, A
reporter-on-the-job comic could conceivabltt be great, but only
ff done realistically. And the Daily Planet has been cone iA
a haphazard style for too long to be changed now. : Q,ua
tt3 is sold out, officially. There may be another copy lyingw
around in the bottom of a box or something that I can Send to
you, though. #6 will be out as soon as I can pay for 12 2eaM3

Fabian - Inane 3 You, too, would benefit from leaving
a little blank space here anci
And the paper you're printing on seems to be too thin to re-
strict the ink to one side or the other. You need some that
et ill have little pieces of thread floating around in it
ealled twill-tone or mimeo-tone or something like that, depen-
dineon where. you buy it. Stick with paper that s not whites

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