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Myriad, Issue 5, Page #24


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This is the twenty fourth page in our collection featuring Myriad, Issue 5. It features "Haircut #2" by Stven Carlberg. He begins by explaining that the previously published "Pendertwist" is actually "Haircuit #1". It goes on to continue the story set up in "Pendertwist", and finishes with specifically addressing other members of the press alliance.


Steven Carlberg


March 25, 1969


Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer


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Haircut #2 page 4 Stven Carlb erg


as it is still something of a novelty around these parts. (Be-
fore you can be better than something, you know, you have to be
different from it.) : I can get your voting on favorite con-
tribs totalled faster if you'll write me a letter with your
votes as soon as you've read the issue and decided on whom you
intend to vote for. (I know, the last sentence was badly con-
structed.) : Your serialized story is somewhat interesting,
but there are a number of bad points about it that make it hard
to digest. You say your hero holds a conversation with a "be-
from a planet outside of the Earth's solar system." That
information by itself is rather uninteresting. What did the
"being" look like? What else did they talk about? Your readers
are going to feel as though they really don't know what's going
on unless you take time to explain the details of the story. I
imagine that you've got a fairly clear picture of what the in--
side of that spaceship looks like- - now try to convey that image
to your reader. : UFO material, unless it's unusual, is prob-
ably going to go unloved in this apa. Try something else.

A Message... #1 - Robert Reiner I think that most of us are
familiar enough with the pa-(.-
terns created by double thicknesses of zip-a-tone that you can
restrict your use of it to legitimate shading. : I call myself
Stven because when I went to choose a name, all the good ones
were taken. : The reason I never got around to con...ribbing to
The Ama-Pros is that you never got around to telling rae what
kind of contrib you wanted. (And as I write this, I think guil-
tily of the long-promised article on patriotic heroes I shou7d
have written and sent Tom Christopher weeks ago...)
quantity of Myriads produced will probably be increa.•ed ag&In,
within, I would be willing to say, the next year. Un-.3i1 we at
least manage to send out all/most of the ones we make up now, it
is out of the question. After we get about ten people c: a
waiting list, I envision our making 40 membership spots avail-
aole instead of 25. This is 20 prospective members away, 11,ough.

Arvell M. Jones I got Fan Informer #12 the other day- Sugges-
tion: Set your typewriter ribbon on "stenci:i
when you make up dittomasters, just as you would for mimeo. The
ribbon tends to bloat the letters if used. Listen, if it cost
you $10.00 to have to photo-off set pages printed up, you' re got._
t ing rooked. If I were in your shoes, I'd send out for an elc-
trostencil and run the artwork off myself. You can get electro--
stencils made up, usually, for around $2.00, and the resultJ are
only a smidgin less attractive than offset. If you don't know
where to get them done, you could send me the money; I know a
place (-sigh-) that does them. LOC as soon as I gel.; done
here, as I have some more suggestions for you.

::ere I am--at 'the.close of my first-in-too-long apazine for my
own apa, Myriad. Let me say that I'm more than pleased with the
way the members have responded and cooperated, and that with
luck, we' 11 still be at it ten years from now.
Hasta manana

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