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BLACK HOUSE, Stephen King and Peter Straub, Random H use,
$28.95, 625 pages, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
Two decades have passed since Jack Sawyer sa ed a different world from destruction, but remembers nothing abo t his heroism. Over the subsequent years Jack became a PD homicide detective until an incident propels his subconscious ind into pushing him into a retirement in Coulle County, Wisc nsin before he recollects his non-earthly gallantry.
Life near the upper Mississippi is pleasant for Jae until a series of gruesome homicides occur . Someone is dining o the town's children. Chief of Police Dale Gilbertson knows his s ff is
undermanned and inexperienced. He asks his buddy Jack to help with the investigation into what appears is the yo thful reincarnation of Albert "Fisherman" Fish, a killer who use the same modus operendi several decades ago. As Jack akes inquires he obtains aid from an assortment of fringe character , but also begins to believe that the Fish is the puppet of som hing more malevolent and deadly.
The sequel to the TALISMAN is an incr dible collaboration by two grandmasters brilliantly merging the bes that each one brings to a navel into one of the top books of the ear. The story line is a superb horror tale that terrorizes the reade with fear. The characters seem genuine especialty Jack. The references to other novels adds a Spielberg-like appeal esp ially to fans of Stephen King. Many times the reality never comes lose to the hype, but BLACK HOUSE does that and more as Mr. King and Peter Straub co-author a classic that hopefully will not r uire twenty years for the next team-up.

THESE IKNOW BY HEART by Brian A. Hopkins is available from Brian's website at www . It's his first hard over collection and is available in a signed limited edition of 250 fo $30 and $14.95 in trade paper. It is well worth the admission pri e for the quantity and quality of material contained there in Also heck out his other collection, SALT WATER TEARS, also available from Brian's website.

THE MAN WHO GREW YOUNG, Daniel Quinn, Illustrated b Tim Eldred, Context Books, $19.95, 98 pages, reviewed by arry Hunter.
' In this graphic adaptation of Daniel Quinn's inter sting novel of Adam Taylor, we meet him at the cemetery where e is awaiting to meet his life. It seems that Adam Taylor is a u ique individual in that he is living his life backwards.
Even though all those around him are ageing (fro old age to youth to birth), he does not appear to age. He watch s as
times move backwards and interacts with the history, as we ow it runs in reverse. The Indians take over America as the s tiers move eastward and back to Europe. Stonehenge is taken own and the process of civilization regresses. Taylor's life ows smoothly through the ages as he is there for most of the e ents that turned into our history and back to what should b the beginning of our time, only to be the ending of his.
This is an interesting and well-drawn story o our civilization from the current times back to the creation of life. is is a unique look at life and history that should be of interest to a lot of readers out there and you should be on the look out for it.

OFFERINGS, The Art of Brom, Paper Tiger, $29.95, 128 p ges, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
This is a great chance to gather some of the de ons,
beauties, creatures and warriors that may not be familiar t the

BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY, The Best of H.P. Lovecraft, Selected by Andrew Wheeler, Bookspan, $13.98, reviewed by
Barry Hunter.
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and ,jt was not meant that we should voyage far." With these words begin one of the most fantastic and amazing series of works in the history of the fantastic . These are the first words of "The Crypt of Cthulhu" and the starting of the Mythes that made Lovecraft and the members of his circle some of the most well know in fiction today.
Wheeler has chosen the finest stories of Lovecraft and made this highly collectible and inexpensive volume for those who have never been exposed to the Master or for those who may not have the Arkham House originals. Here can be found "Dagon", GThe Rats in the Walls", "Pickman's Model", "At the Mountains of Madness", "The Colour Out of Space", "The Outsider" and several
This is a terrific vo ume that shows that Lovecraft was more than just a writer of horror; he led the field of science fiction as well. It is recommended for everyone and demands a spot in your library, so be sure to give it a home.

Books available from Donald M. Grant, PO Box 187, Hampton Falls, N.H. 03844 include Marcia of the Doorstep and You Lucky Girl! By Edgar Rice Burroughs-Deluxe $60, trade $30; a new
second edition of A Golden Anniversary Bibliography at Edgar Rice
Burroughs by Henry Hardy Heins-$105 postpaid; The Dark Tower I, II, & Ill gift edition by Stephen King $117; and The Crow: Shattered Uves & Broken Dreams edited by J . O'Barr and Edward
E. Kramer signed by over 37 contributors in a deluxe tray case,
$232 postpaid. Be sure and mention Baryon when ordering.

ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT, Sarah A. Hoyt, Ace, Oct 2001 , $21.95,
288 pages, ISBN: 0425008607 , reviewed by Harriett Klausner.
A young Will Shakespeare is married to Nan and is a
father to their baby Susannah. After a day of teaching, Will comes home to his Stratford residence only to find both his beloved females missing. He walks to her cousin's house to fetch Nan
when he sees her dancing with a noble in a magical kingdom that cannot exist. He is unable to touch her because she is now in Fairyland.
Will has no hope of ever getting back Nan and his child until he meets Silverdawn in her guise as Lady Silver. She is the rightful heir to the fairy throne since her parents disappeared. However, her older brother Sylvanus has usurped the throne turning her into his sup licant Silverdawn intends to use Will as an
instrument of revenge even though she knows he will probably die for her cause.
ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT is a deJightful Elizabethan fantasy that colorfuUy describes Shakespeare's mundane plane
and the realm of fairy. Will is the hero of the tale, yet the novel belongs to Silverdawn, a fairy with heart. Hopefully Shakespeare will have more adventures in the land of the fairy.

A FEASTIN EXILE, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro , Tor, $27.95, reviewed
by Jim Brock.
While recently reviewing one of Yarbro's earlier St. Germain novels, I began reflecting on my history with the character . I have been with him from the beginning - reading, enjoying and reviewing the wide historical span of his adventures -
loving the depth of the books and the majesty of the character.

collectors unless they are more game oriented. Too ma y of

For A FEAST IN EXILE, St. Germain is in 141


Brom┬Ěs works have appeared only on TSR titles or as cone tual
art for computer games and movies.
Angels and devils, beauty and beast, Batman and Tarzan and Elric, these are some of the creations shown i this gorgeous volume featuring some of thelatest Brom has to off r.
This is a well-done, beautifully printed volume that deserves a spot on the shelf next to Frazetta, Whelan. an the bests of the field. If you enjoy this, you may want to look for DARKWERKS, the first volume of Brom's collected works, which is also available from Paper Tiger.

India. First, he is in Delhi when it is captured by the forces of the Mongol conqueror we know as Tamerlane. He then spends a length of time as a prisoner of and then an escapee from Tamerlane.
A FEAST IN EXILE is one of St. Germain's most perilous adventures. It is also marked by the importance of two female characters, who are the most ungrateful beneficiaries of the vampire's attention to be found in any of the novels. Do not be ungrateful in your attention - this is one of the best.

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