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Oct 2000, $5.99, 272 pages, ISBN 0441008755, review by Harriet Klausner.
Istvan was born a dhampire , having been the issu of a vampire father and a mortal mother. When he grew into his p ers he became a ferocious vampire hunter killing as many of the as he could. He was turned into a vampire against his will, hich made him hate vampires even more. For the next five hu dred
years he became the Vampire Council's chief enforcer , a Ion wolf who let no one get close to him.
In modern day Chicago, he met his soul mate, S lena Crawford and they exchanged blood making her his comp nion. Not wanting anyone to get too close to him, he left her alo e for two years until unsanctioned vampire killings brought them back together. When the killer is brought to justice , Istvan inten s to walk away but he doesn't realize that Selena has some pow rs of her own.

Just about everyone knows about the events that have taken place in Bram Stoker's Dracula. However, while he lived in Victorian England Dracula became involved with other people and events that the author chose to ignore. Mr. Stoker left: it to some of the most famous writers of horror tales to complete the full picture by contributing fantastic stories to this anthology.
Writers like Fred Saber Hagen, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and Nancy Kirkpatrick provide tales that show what the Transylvanian Count was doing in London. Tanya Huff focuses on Dracula's fascination on meeting the Prince of Wales. Nigel Bennett and PN Elrod have a Russian purposely travel to England to confront the prince of vampires. Elaine Bergstrom writes about a suffragette who needs Dracula's help.
The entire collection is excellent as no one fails to hold up his or her weight. Mr. Stoker would have appreciated this anthology.

tasty novel that whets the appetite for more works in this dyn mite series. Susan Sizemore has created a believable new unive e of
the supernatural set in modern day America that will app al to readers who like the works of Laurell K. Hamilton and Tonya Huff. This supernatural romantic thriller is guaranteed to leav the reader hungering for the next work in this series.

SECOND CONTACT, JD Austin, Ace, Nov 2001 , $5.99, 208
pages, ISBN: 0441008798, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
On two planets galaxies away from each othe life surfaced on both at the equivalent solar time. As the millen iums pass Earth inhabitants travel into deep space, but the nativ s of Kivlan stay planet-bound. The earthlings reach Kivlan, bu the locals tell them to leave. A destructive laser beam enforce the command so the spaceship departs. On earth, the leaders r fuse to accept the insult quietly and send a fully armed m litary excursion to teach the Kivlan a lesson.
No one on Earth realizes that the Kivlans are a pe ceful congenial people who are a bit lazy so they invented the mea s of converting thoughts into objects. Their bellicose behavior to rds the first visitors is out of character, but recent volcanic activit has left everyone on edge. The Kivlans expect the earthlings to r tum, but will this visit turn ugly with hostilities leading to ass destruction or will calm prevail?
Although this novel starts off as a Flash Gordon t e of Science Fiction the story line quickly turns upside down and spoofs first contact tales such as the Arrival. The characters from both species seem real and engage the audience to want to ow
more about them especially the Kivlan natives. JD Austin pro ides a refreshing tale of first contact that showcases a peerless iting style that and readers will derive joy from this reading experience.

THE WAR IN KOREA, Written & Illustrated by Wayne Va sant, The Heritage Collection, PO Box 4740, Richmond, VA 2 058- 4740 , $9.95, 96 pages perfect bound, reviewed by Barry Hunt r.
Many of the long time Baryon readers are familia with the art Wayne has contributed for Baryon covers . Others may remember the wonderful work he did for The 'NAM comic h did for Marvel. No matter which of his works you remembe , he continues to work at entertaining us with the drawings and lors he uses and he is doing a marvelous job at educating us wi his series of books on the Civil War and now a volume on "The Forgotten War" - THE WAR IN KOR EA
From June 1950 until the Armistice on July 27, 19 3, it was the fist hot battle of the cold war with both Russia and hina backing the communists North Koreans in their attempt to take over the entire country. Wayne tells the story honestly and airly and does so without being overly graphic and allows the bo k to be read by all age groups.
This is a welcomed addition to the works of comic and history and is wonderfully presented by the best artist of "War Comics" working in the field today. Oraer from the address ove or check out the web site at

DRACULA IN LONDON, PN Elrod (editor), Ace, Nov 001,
$14.95, 272 pages, ISBN: 0441008585, reviewed by H rriet Klausner.

DIVINE INTERVENTION, Ken Wharton, Ace, Dec 2001, $6.99,
400 pages, ISBN 0441008860, reviewed by Hamet Klausner.
The mission of the Walt Disney Spaceship is to find a habitable planet and colonize it, reporting back to Earth periodically on their failures and their final success. They land on the planet they name Mandala in galaxy light years from Earth and in the one hundred and ftft:y years they have lived on it, they have put their mark on the planet. Even their religion is based on the writings of the captain of the spaceship, a combination of science and theology.
Earth has been notified of the colonizing of Mandala and with the new technology that has been developed 33 000 colonists who have been cryogenically sleeping are about to orbit the planet. The Prime Minister of Mandala fears that the colonists will be a threat to his regime. He goes to the spaceship with a few of his allies and kills off all but one of the crew. He plans to murder all the new colonists with only nine-year-old deaf mute Drew Randall, who has a direct pipeline to someone or something calling himself God, in his way.
Fans of space opera, political intrigue and precocious little heroes will thoroughly enjoy reading DIVINE INTERVENTION. It's fascinating to read about a group of people who colonized a world according to their own collective needs and beliefs. Readers will believe that author Ken Wharton actually visited his planet and has wntten about events he witnessed.

TAKE A THIEF, Mercedes Lackey, DAW, Oct 2001, $24.95, 351 pages, ISBN: 0756400082, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
On Valdemar during the reign of Queen Selenay, his
cold Uncle Lander Galko raises orphaned Skif as if the lad is a criminal. Though Skif laboriously works long hours at his uncle's Hollybush Tavern, his guardian sees the lad as a grudge earning his supper or dying.
Required to attend school due to the royal edict, Skif eats breakfast there and becomes efficient at hiding food to dine on later . His ability leads him to meet Oeek, a pickpocket, and from that encounter, Bazie, an adult who cares what happens to his charges . Skif joins Bazie's family of young thieves and becomes one of the best at robbing from the wealthy as he could sneak in and out of a home like a ghost can walk through a wall. When Skif steals a horse left unattended, the Mmagica1ยท steed abducts him instead. Now his adventures take a new spin especially when someone murders his beloved mentor and Skif must work with the Heralds and Alberich if he is to see justice is served.
For long time fans of Mercedes ackey's Valdemar series, TAKE A THIEF is quite a treat as Skif first appears in the mid 1980s Heralds of Valdemar trilogy. The story line is well written and fits quite nicely m the Valdemar Universe circa 1376 AF . Skif may be young, but 1s a survivor who given the opportunity heroically thrives. The support cast provides depth to the plot while insuring continuity to the main tales. Ms. Lackey's latest fantasy epic lacks nothing except many sub-genre fans will scramble for other books describing life during the reign of Queen Selenay.

FLESH & BLOOD 8, Tales of Dark Fantasy & Horror, edited by Jack Fisher. $4, 56 pages, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
In this, the latest issue from one of the most consistent fantasy & horror magazines, we are presented with six stories and seven poems of things that go bump in the night and stand just

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