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Page 4 of the 85th Volume of Baryon




Barry R. Hunter


January-March 2002




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beyond the light, just out of sight waiting for the pounce and scare us out of our wits.
Suzanne Donahue tells us what happens after she finds an angel in "lost and Found". "The Jane That ouse Built" by Tracy Majka is a strange tale about what happ ns when your house starts falling apart, but won't let you out. Th re are several other interesting stories and poems that create the ark mood and an interview with Tom Piccirilli finishes out another ne issue.
Order from Jack Fisher, 121 Joseph Str t, Bayville, NJ 08721, $4 each or 3 for $11. Give it a try and tell th m Baryon sent you

THE MYSTIC ROSE Stephen R. Lawhead, Ha erCollins, Oct 2001, $25.00, 432 pages, ISBN: 0061050318, revi wed by Harriet Klausner.
Knights Templar Commander Renaud e Bracineaux kills his enemy without a second thought of remors . The daughter of his latest victim, Caltriona is heartbroken tha the merciless Ren;.iud killed her father, a Celtic Cru!::tader. Seekin vengeance for this unnecessary murder, Caitriona purloins a lett r from Renaud that claims to name the location of THE MYSTIC R SE, known in many circles as the Holy Grail.
Caitriona decides to find THE MYSTIC OSE in Spain, but Renaud gives chase. War between the Infidel Moors and the Pope's Army of God occurs on the Iberian Pe insular adding danger to Caitriona's quest. However, ultimately t e real peril is when Renaud and the Templars catch up to battl with Caitriona and her Celtic soldiers even as she drinks from the oly Grail.
The deep descriptions of this novel ar a two edged sword. They give readers a wonderful look the past in fascinating yet extrinsic locales rarely used in lite ture, but also
slows down the action. The story line is deep and i r the most part moves forward rapidly though a modern day ubplot seems bizarrely out of context. Still Caitriona is an intre id soul whose actions make the plot succeed for those readers o relish a rich historical novel.

TESTAMENT A Celebration of the Life and mes of Frank Frazetta, edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner, Underw od Books, $35 trade, $125 limited, $400 deluxe, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
Here 1s the final volume in the Frazetta rilogy that was preceded by ICON and LEGACY and finishes col ecting most of the works of the finest artist of our generation Th re are a lot of previous y unpublished works here as well as so e examples of
his works being redone to finalize his vision that a bit different from the book appearance.
Here are the BATILESTAR GALACTIC ads from TV
Guide, various paintings of Ellie, his wife, co ers from the WRITERS OF THE FUTURE volumes, watercol erotic pieces and a lot of his other works that are more than e e candy. They are pieces of our youth and formative years that sh wcase a talent that will never be equaled.
There are appreciations by Mike Kaluta, Dave Stevens
and others as well as an updated biographical iece by Frank himself. In the introduction, Arnie mentions Vern oriell and how he showed him his first Frazetta original. Vern was ne of a kind as is Frank Frazetta. Thi is a set of books that dema ds a place on the shelf of every fans library. And I don't me n just fans of amazing art, but every fan who has ever picked up a book or magazine with a Frazetta cover and stared wid eyed at the wondrous creatures or people on them.

DRACULA IN LONDON, edited by P.N. Elrod, A , $13.95, 263
pages, reviewed by Jim Brock.
What did Dracula do in London when e wasn't busy with Mina Harker? Pretty good question isn't it? Th re are sixteen answers in this anthology - some from well-crede ialed masters like Elrod, Fred Saberhagen and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - and some from newer voices.
As might be guessed, many of thes stories have
involvement with the theatre thanks to the backg ound of Bram Stoker. Many of them have involvement with famo people - real and otherwise - such as the Prince of Wales, Stoler himself and Mycroft Holmes,
The best of the lot are Saberhagen's "Bo Number Frfty" and "The Dark Downstairs" by Roxanne Longstree Conrad which is an extremely imaginative view of Dracula from another angle. The stories are uniformly good and ultimately DRACULA IN LONDON boils down to this: it's a pretty good answer to a pretty good question. //Other interesting tales come from the pens of Tanya Huff, Jody Lynn Nye, Gary A. Braunbeck and Gene DeWeese. It's a perfect anthology to sink a couple of hours in (bet
you thought Iwas going to say teeth didn't you?). Ithink this is the best anthologies of this year, I'm sure it is the best one with Dracula as the lead character. II

GUARDIANS OF THE LOST, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, Eos, Nov 2001, $26.00, 592 pages, ISBN: 0061051799, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
On Loerem, Gustav the knight feels the danger as he enters the magic field of a burial mound. There he sees the dying Dominion Lord surrounded by "ciuardiansĀ·. The bakh-Lord has the Sovereign Stone, a magical stone everyone wants ta possess, but it was lost for a couple of centuries. Gustav manages to work his way past each guardian until he reaches the Dominion Lord. Gustav takes the magical artifact, but leaves behind a non-magical ring that contains the love he shares with his beloved.
Gustav is knocked unconscious in battle and consequently his segment of the Sovereign Stone has resurfaced. The news leads to war among the varying races. Every person in power or wannabees whether they are magical or royal want to gain possession of the powerful artifact or at least the part that Gustav found. Alliances are broken and old hatreds and bias enflame the world with little hope for peace.
GUARDIANS OF THE LOST, volume two of the Sovereign Stone trilogy, is an exciting epic fantasy adventure The story line is fast paced and the characters fully developed since the readers can easily delineate the different species due to reasonable distinct traits. Fans of role-playing games will especially relish this novel that mirrors the game it comes from, but
other readers might object to sidebars that embellish playing rather than perusing. Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman have written an engaging tale that the role-playing crowd will find most enlightening.

The Beatles: UNSEEN ARCHIVES, Compiled by Tim Hill & Marie Clayton, Paragon Publishing, 384 pages, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
I'm not sure of the price on this one as it was an earty Christmas present and a better present could not be given to any Beatles fan.
This is a collection of mostly previously unpublished photos of the Beatles from the archives of the Daily Mail and
covers them from the early years to a year-by-year recap and then a recap of the after life up until 1999. There is a listing at the beginning of each chapter of the major events of the year being revisited.
With the 21st Anniversary of Johns death and George
passing recently, this is a terrific volume for us to remember them in a simpler, better time. A must have for any Beatles fan.

ACORNA'S SEARCH, Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Eos, Dec 2001, $25.00. 320 pages, ISBN 0389978989, reviewed by Harriet Klausner
On old Earth, unicorns really existed but they were hunted Into near extinction for their horns that could heal and purify any kind of matter. A space faring race rescued the few survivors of the magical beings and took them to a new world called Vhilinyar where they created the Linyaari race, a bipedal humanoid species with a horn that heals and purifies on their forehead.
Their world was a peaceful and tranquil one until the Khlee race decimated it, making it unfit to live on anymore. Acoma, brought up outside the Linyaan people, is helping her people terraform so that they could once more live on 1t. Acorna and other members of her species conduct surveys on the planet when some of them mystenously disappear. Some of Acoma's closest friends
and her lifemate Aari are among the missing and the unicorn girl vows to do everything in her power, including working the spaceĀ­ time continuum to bring them back.
ACORNA'S SEARCH is a great space opera that readers will enJoy for the sheer pleasure it gives the audience. The Linyaari and their homeland are so colorfully described that the...

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