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Page 5 of the 85th Volume of Baryon




Barry R. Hunter


January-March 2002




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Baryon 85, Winter 2002
reader feels as if they actually exist. There's de mitely another installment of this fascinating series on the wa because the authors left one very important thread dangling.

Horror Garage #4, $5.95, edited by Paula Gura , subscriptions 2/$10, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
If you are looking for a magazine that fe tures some of the most cutting edge horror stones and reviews of the current
crop of garage bands, look no further , this is the pla e. The current issue has stories by Lorelei Shannon, Gerard H uarner, Bruce Holland Rogers, and John Shirley as well as so e other folks. There is also a good piece reviewing some of the better bad" sf and horror films that have made it to DVD.
Paula has published the Dark Echo New letter for years and was one of the judges for the World Horror A rds this year, so she knows her horror. Try a copy or two. Or er 'from Horror Garage, POB 53, Nesconset, NY 11767. Make ch cks payable to Under the Volcano, Inc and tell them Baryon sent y u.

MAGIC TIME, Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Ha bly, Eos, Dec 2001 , $25.00, 384 pages, ISBN: 0061050687, revi wed by Harriet Klausner.
In South Dakota. a group of scientists, m stly physicists,
work on an energy field dubbed the 0 S0urce'. The IDepartment of Defense and the CIA fund the research. However. the group sends
false reports claiming work on a mining project, b the President of the United States McKay has heard whispe of a different agenda and sends an agent to uncover the truth.
Agent Teri Seiner observes something th t frightens her so much she knows she must warn the Presi nt that these scientists in South Dakota need to be stoppe at any cost. However, before she can accomplish her mission the scientists unleash the Source, which shuts down all electric I power in the world. Some humans are converted into monsters with New York lawyer Cal Griffin desperately trying to find hel for his sister caught in the transformation process.
This novel is reminiscent of King's TH STAND, but clearly leaves threads for a sequel or two. The tal is loaded with high levels of suspense and action but readers will ave to buy the next book for the many unanswered questions . e heroes and heroines of MAGIC TIME seem real and many rece e. empathy for their plight. Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Ha bly will keep readers enthralled from start to finish with this para ormal work of delicious urban fantasy .

THE DRAGON QUEEN. Alice Borchardt. Del ey. Oct 2001.
$25.00 , 480 pages, ISBN: 0345443993 , revie ed by Harriet Klausner.
Descended from the sorcerer queen Bo iccia and born to a powerful pagan practicing mage, She becomes a pawn to fate. Raised by a druid, shape shifter, and his family, veryone knew she was destined to become queen. Merlin and I raine (Arthur's
mother) sought to control her, but her family hid h so she would have time to grow and mature.
At their first meeting, Guinivere knows hur is her true love, but she is not ready to be his queen. She e capes Marlin's machinations and performs a service for the G dess Athena. Arthur struggles with the pressures placed on hi by his mother and Merlin, her Jover; but knows he must prove wo hy in order for Guinivere to agree to become his queen
THE DRAGON QUEEN is rich in hist rical text , but loaded with fantasy species and actions. The eep story lfne includes some whimsy to soften the epic tale that clearly is on a par with Tarr and Radford. The only drawback is th t fans will have to wait for the adventures of Guinivere and Arthur eparately and together to continue in the next installment of this th ee-book saga.

Penguin Putnam has created a new imprint, FIR BIRD, in order to present a new line of fantasy and science ficti n titles for the Young Adult Market. The first releases are FIR BRINGER by David Clement-Davies. I AM MORDRED by N ncy Springer , WESTMARK by Lloyd Alexander and THE EYE, EAR AND TH. E ARM by Nancy Farmer. Look for them. as th are available
WIT'CH GATE, James Clemens, Del Rey, Dec 2001, $24.00 , 544 pages, ISBN: 034544244X, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
The world remains in peril as the Dark Lord, though somewhat repelled, has established four weirgates to absorb the magick that makes this realm survive. As Eleanor the Wit'ch and her allies argue over what to do next, time slips away. Finally, they agree to break into three teams to attack the Dark Lord's minions at the weirgates in which the ultimate evil is not residing. All know if successful and if they survive, there remains the ultimate battle at the fourth weirgate where the Dark Lord awaits their presence.
The four foes spread across the orb include a basilisk, a mantlcore, a \NYVem , and a griffin. Though Eleanor and her cohorts contain elemental magic to bring the war to their enemy, each member knows the danger and the probability of death, but no option remains as the quest to save the realm leaves no choice. Now the adventure continues.
WIT'CH GATE, the fourth tale in James Clemens series
ยท rhe Banned and the Banished", is an exciting epic fantasy that is a magical element or two stronger than most tales in the genre. Though several twists freshen up the story line, the plot is similar to many of the genre's novels. It is the characters , especially Eleanor , who make this adventure spring to life as readers can feel her frustrations. fears and need to triumph over the evil Dark Lord. Mr. Clemens provides the audience with quite a thriller that still has a weirgate to traverse .

THE LAST HERO, Terry Pratchett, HarperCollins, Nov 2001,
$35.00, 160 pages, ISBN: 006104097, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
Discworld is a planet shaped like a disk resting on the backs of four elephants that reside on the shell of a humongous turtle. Currently, the orb faces a worldwide crisis because Cohen the Barbarian and his band of followers are returning to the Gods what was stolen from them: fire. If the group succeeds in their
quest , Oiscworld will exist no more.
Lord Vetinari, the Patrician of Ankh Morpork, is aware of the situation and heads up an expedition to stop Cohen and his horde.They use a dirigible run by burping dragon's fire. Other then
reaching the heroes, Vetinari and his ilk have no disc-worldly idea how to stop them from returning the fire.
Fans of the Discworld novels will definitely want to add the well-written THE LAST HERO to their collection. The tale includes ninety beautiful illustrations that augment the visual impact of this vividly described magical world. Characters from
previous books appear lending a feeling of continuity for long time readers. Terry Pritchett furbishes another strong entry with a novella that would make quite a nice gift for young and old fantasy

FRONTIER EARTH: SEARCHER, Bruce Boxleitner, Ace, $6.99, 328 pages, reviewed by Jim Brock.
SEARCHER validates the success of the first volume in
this series and adds emphasis that Bruce Boxleitner has a winning thing going with his combination of science fiction and the old west. In the first book Macklin crashes in 19'h century Arizona .
He gradually comes to realize that he is from another world and his mission here is to help prevent an invasion by another species. Separated from his own forces , Macklin winds up an ally of the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday at the O.K. Corral. the same time, he Is waging his own battle for survival.
SEARCHER takes up with Macklin heading to Tucson with the Earps and the body of Morgan Earp to begin its journey to
Californla for burial. Macklin has the name of a contact in Tucson who can get him in contact with his own forces. But that contact is slaughtered by the Kra'agh and Macklin ends up in the middle of a war between silver miners and the Apaches. And smack dab in the middle of the v,1ar is the Kra'agh base.
Boxleitner is a proven actor and is now a proven author.
All of that , and he's married to Half Pint, too. What a deal.

BEASTS ARE US, ATK Butterfly,, various formats, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
One of the fascinating things about ATK Butterfly's writing, besides being consistently entertaining, is that he injects thought provoking ideas into his storylines and creates a desire to better understand what he is trying to tell us, the readers.

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