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Page 6 of the 85th Volume of Baryon




Barry R. Hunter


January-March 2002




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Baryon 85, Winter 2002
In this highly original novel, he e lores genetic
the success of their first mission leads to Thea and Straac's
manipulation. But rather than explore human expe he marriage.
has a group of animals manipulated with human c aracteristics in order to promote products, star in movies or beco attractions at amusement parks.
Some of the more interesting characters re Nine of K-a police dog, Ethel the Mermaid, Curly Pigskin-the i otball mascot, lo Phat Chicken, Wolves in Sheep's clothing, Da h Roach, Star
the traffic reporting eagle, real plumbing snakes, ally the stock market Bull, and a host of others that are able to ake the grade into doing what they are created to do and others o have some of the same problems that humans have.
This is a very interesting book due to t e questions it
may pose about gene splicing and the related de lopments that could possibly occur. It is also a fast and enjoyabl read that will please even the most jaded reader. This is another inner for ATK Butterfly and I can't wait to see more.

THE LAWBREAKERS, Whatlf Pub ishing. va ·ous formats, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
Eight different stories by eight different a hors who ta e a look at Lavvbreakers and they are not your ordina run of the mill thugs, ruffians and criminals.
"Interceptor #7" by Shawn Madison i about a law
keeper droid that goes off his programming. "The Guilt Seeker" by Judy Calheiros is a tale of revenge that flows to its lending. "Dither Fish" by Bob Yosco and uKing Makers" by the al ys-entertaining
Megan Powell are two other of my favorites. I
This is an interesting volume and has s ttings that are as varied as the artists. Other planets, the past, th future, droids, vampires, and angels fill out the characters and se ings in one of the more unusual books I've seen in a while.

GRAVE IMAGES, N. D. Hansen-Hill, www.Clockto, paperback or e-book, reviewed by Barry Hunter.
This is book one of the GRAVE IMAGE series and if this volume is any indication, it should be a very i teresting ride. Hansen-Hill has created a very interesting cast of haracters and has made them believably real.
Jarron Marshall is working on a type o endophyte, a type of fungus that grows in other plants. It has iscovered one
that causes the plants to mature faster and may help solve the food crisis and there are those who want to cont I the process. Jarron comes home in the middle of a break-in and ends up in the hospital wtth possible brain damage He is now ble to see the
dead and has visions and premonitions.
other characters include Kris, who ap ears to be a secret agent of some sort: Nick. a mathematici n Vv'ho writes science fiction: The Wraith, a female scientist w o is a thief in order to gain her necessary lab equipment; and, other assorted
friends and policemen, including one who writes ystery novels, who are either working to solve the case or are play ng both sides.
This is a very interesting, well-written ovel that has

plenty of action and a thought-provoking premise th t will appeal to both the science fiction and mystery reader. A cording to the listings at Clocktower Books, Hansen-Hill has everal others available. Be sure to check them out, I'm sur you will find something of interest.
The second adventure starts with a headless body being found near the Kings chambers and clues leading to Straacs
involvement in the matter. His discovery of what is really going on and why certain things have happened, make for a rousing original adventure.
Lazarowitz still has the magic touch and this is just another feather in his cap. After you finish REFLECTIONS OF A RECOVERING SERVANT, you can sit and reflect on the freshness of the ideas there-in. Hopefully this one will be available soon for everyone to enjoy.

ANGEL OF DESTRUCTION, Susan R. Matthews, Roe, Oct 2001,
$6.99, 352 pages, ISBN 0451458494, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
The Langsarik fleet was powerful, trustworthy, and cemented in their loyalty to one another. making ,t very difficult for the Judiciary to hunt them down. The Langsarik vere pirates
whose awn home planet refused to recognize them so eventually their leader, Walton Agnes negotiated with Garo! Vogel to seek decent terms of surrender.
The five thousands members of the Langsarik fleet were put on probation and forced to live on land in Port Charid, a space port dominated by the Dolgrukij Combine. After a certain amount of years they would be allowed into space once again as law abiding citizens of the Judiciary. However there is an element on Port Charid who hates the Langsarik and is willing to stage bloody raids
on other ports to get the Langsark's probation revoked. It is up to
Vogel, Vv'ho has put together a last ditch desperate plan, to see that justice is carried out.
ANGEL OF DESTRUCTION is space opera of the first caliber. The tale is fast paced, with pJenty of action and adventure and the various sub-plots add depth to a very complex story line. The characters are three-dimensional so that the readers can truly understand them and their motivations even if they don't approve all their actions. Susan R. Matthews is a fine storyteller who is not afraid to meet social issues heads on.

THE PILLARS OF THE WORLD, Anne Bishop, Roe, Oct 2001,
$6.99, 432 pages, ISBN: 0451458508, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
The Veil that s.eparates by a road the land of lir Alainri
from the human plane is vanishing in spots and none of the Fae knows why. When the road finally vanishes, the Fae clan lands near it disappear too because they are anchored to the place. It is imperative to not only learn why this is happening but also find a way to stop it before all ofTir Alainn disappears.
Ari the witch lives among the humans. but her lover is
Lucian the Lightbringer. He gives her jewels when she craves his love. Lucien, like the rest of the Fae, believes mortals are beneath them and would never consider a permanent relationship with an
inferior being. There is someone else who will do anything to keep Ari safe especially since the witch hunters are coming for her. It is
imperative that Ari live since she is connected to Tir Alainn though she knows it not.
THE PILLARS OF THE WORLD is a stand-alone fantasy novel that reads like a beautiful ballad involving two humans \Vho
believe is the ultimate magical force i n the universe. Anne
Lazarowitz, www.twilighttimesbooks. com, Hunter.
Steve Barry
Bishop Is very descriptive with a visual narrative that provides the reader a panoramic view of Tir Alainn that only a real visitor could have written based on first hand observation. Fans of romance and
¥ After too long a wait, here was finally new fantasy from Steve Lazarowitz, \//inner of las years Dream
Realm award. This one differs from everything els he has done, but it is not something Iwish to tell you about, you must read this to find out for yourself.
first part of the story. Straac is ac used of raping and is sentenced t death for his
crime. Both are servants of lord Melinore and hile he is the
the problem, he does not plan to let his ·te know. Thea helps Straac escape the axe and they end up with aylor, a knight of the former King Caliban. Taylor and his group a searching for the "Cursed Sword of Airiendal" in order to take tvenge for the King's death. The adventures are thrilling and actir packed and
fantasy will delight in this engaging tale.

SHOCKBALL, S.l. Viehl, Roe, Nov 2001. $6.99, 416 pages,
ISBN: 0451458559, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.
As they travel through space, Dr. Cherijo Grey Veil and her spouse, Perpetua ship Captain Duncan Reever are pleased over her pregnancy. However, her joy turns to sadness when he
learns her cloned body's immunity system is killing the baby.
Before she informs her husband she has a miscarriage. Cherijo knows she can never birth a child with anyone except perhaps her demented creator Joseph Grev Veil.
While Cherijo recovers, a meteor shower disables the
Perptua beyond repair. Transferring to their other ship Truman may mean that Cherijo's creator who gave her that spacecraft may

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